Brian Madvig, MDiv, PhD is a respected speaker and workshop leader. Warm and charming, Brian uses his wisdom and humor to engage his audience. He loves to tell stories because he believes stories connect, stories remind, and stories heal. He tells a bunch from 33 Weeks of Ordinary, but he’s added a few more because life keeps happening to him. Contact Brian to set up an evening of stories. Or contact him to design a retreat to help your group learn to tell their own stories.

Watch Brian read “Sadie Hawkins” from 33 Weeks of Ordinary.

Listen to Brian read “Daddy, Down” from 33 Weeks of Ordinary.

Listen to Brian read “The Assignment” from 33 Weeks of Ordinary.

Along with 33 Weeks of Ordinary, Brian has presented on several topics including:

  • Stories Connect. Stories Remind. Stories Heal.
  • Vulnerability: The Heart of Connection
  • Expect Your Children to be Disappointed with You: Parenting Well without Perfection
  • Created Well (In the Image of God, Actually!)
  • A Story Without Conflict Isn’t Compelling
  • Creating Through Loss
  • Name It and Stay: Communication for the Sake of Relationship
  • Speaking of Doubt: The Other Side of Faith
  • Gone Wireless and Lost Connection: Finding Ways to Stay Connected
  • Expecting, Exploring, and Expressing Conflict (with Bob Auger, LMFT)

Brian is also willing to work with you to design a keynote presentation or a workshop to meet the specific needs of your group, church, or organization.

Click here to contact Brian about booking for an evening or weekend event.